Andre Goes Abroad! (Again!)

Andre Goes Abroad (Again!) 


As much as I love Colombia, I couldn’t help but feel that my time there was coming to an end. I felt restless and uncertain in my career and for lack of a better word: lost.

The idea of returning stateside was also an uncertain one… where would I go? Do I have to start over? Is Los Angeles my home? Is Colorado? Do I even have a home? And school definitely was not on my radar; until I spoke with a friend in Bogota who had recently gotten back from an intensive course in Barcelona, studying Trend Research. Without going into too much detail about my career fears and desires, my interest was sparked, I applied to the post graduate program, got in, and in one month packed my bags for Barcelona!

I’m writing this to you from my hostel couch (which deserves it’s own post because it’s so incredibly awesome) and contemplating how fucking rad and fast my life has become! Tomorrow I will official move into my apartment in Eixample, and start officially start living as a Barcelonesa!

It’s sounds cheesy, but this chapter is going to be so exciting! So far, I’ve only met incredible people, all on the same journey of discovery and self-satisfaction  as me. I’ve also had a moment to be completely alone in my self and thoughts and reflect on who I’ve become in just 25 years.

I still have a few thoughts to share about Colombia, which I’ll post in the coming weeks, but for now on I hope you’ll join me on my Barcelona adventures for the next few months!


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