Bogotá By Night

Welcome to Bogotá By Night, a place to share my thoughts and experiences in the growing nightlife of Bogotá. With more and more foreigners coming to BOG for the nightlife and music, I figured it would be a good idea to start this little off-shoot of my blog to help guide readers around at night… and well, I do know my way around the scene, so why not share?

The idea of this is to help readers, from all over, explore the diverse music and nightlife of the city. Written for both music lovers and party-goers around the world, I encourage you to read and then come experience for yourself! None of these posts are commissioned (unless otherwise stated) and all my opinions are based off my personal, real experiences and adventures.

Got questions? Want to find a great party in Bogotá? Seeking new music? Want to know how the city really parties? Let me show you!

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