Coming Back to Me

A year ago, I moved back to Colombia. Almost exactly to this day. I went chasing a dream. A dream that was not mine, but disguised as something made by me. I gave it everything and risked myself, my path, and my goals for it.

It wasn’t until recently that I realized that dream was not my own. By then, my own self had been so thickly woven into it that it was hard to pull away. It was difficult to know where I started and where the dream ended. One day, not too long ago, I was forced to pull myself out of the dream that was never mine. I was left with pieces that didn’t fit. Remnants of a life lived that no longer made sense.

I decided to take the pieces left over and make them my own. Build upon them and create something new. One part my old life, another part a dream that wasn’t my own, another part left for my future dreams to fill.


I used to live for you

Until one day I woke up

And began to live for me.


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