Cultural Research.

So exactly 6 months ago (January 15) I boarded my plane to Barcelona to start, quite possibly, the most exciting adventure of my life.

Barcelona taught me how to be alone, taught me empathy, introduced me to some of the most beautiful-minded people, forced me to think, question, and act. It motivated me, it surprised me, and it showed me what I needed to do.

The purpose of my post-grad was to teach us how to recognize societal shifts and change, detect the trends that come from those shifts, and apply them to consumerism. We learned methods that helped map and cluster these events and find solutions and follow the course of trends in order to maximize productivity or success. That’s trend research, in a nutshell. But if you really want to apply it, you have to understand the culture surrounding the trend. Who are the people? Where do they come from? What are their needs because of this? What influences? Why do they chose or act one way and not another? At this point, it’s not only “trend research” but really: cultural research. And that’s the best, in my opinion. Understanding what influences us, as people, in order to make a some kind of change, altruistic or not.

Now I take everything Barcelona gave me, and I apply it. This time, in New York City. So while Andre might not be Abroad (for now), she’ll continue to explore cultures through her surroundings. Staying on the forefront of whatever’s new and fresh in NYC but not forgetting to share with you how it came to be, because it’s cultural research, before anything else. Perhaps it’s through the lens of fashion and art, or food and music, or simply what makes a slice of pizza out here so damn good. It’s keeping your eyes open to everything thats happening around you and watching it evolve. That’s what I love to do, and that’s what I’m going to share with you all.

So here’s to the second part of my 2017 adventure! I’m sure it will be as exciting as the first half.

Barcleona, 2017.
Six months later, Brooklyn, New York.


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