El Tesoro Barcelona



The night I met you, you took my breath away; and I didn’t realize until it was too late. That short time we shared, forever burned in my soul.

If there ever was a place I found what I was looking for, it was in you: smart, sexy, cultured. Capable of turning a doubtful mind around.

I remember how you made me smile and how you taught me about wine. But mostly, I remember how we talked all night, your stories full of culture and life.

I saw you after, in all the places we used to walk; down gothic quarter allies and sun-splashed plazas, shadowed by the night and in the secret moments we shared.

I still think about the way you touched my skin on that windy night, hot with your embrace. Or the way you ran your fingers through my hair. Your breath on my lips. Your accent. Your smell, blurring my reality and drowning my senses.

I knew when I met you, our time would be short; though for one fleeting moment, I thought you could be mine forever.

Your essence, filling the deepest part of my soul with wonder and excitement. Desperate to know every part of you.

I can still feel the last breath you gave me, never to be given away. Deep down within me, saved that way.

We’ve parted ways for now, maybe not for long. Perhaps forever. Whatever it may be, let it be known: que tesoro tan lindo, para siempre Barcelona. 

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