LATAM Fashion Takes NYFW & The World

Something amazing is happening in LATAM fashion right now. In a moment when the industry feels uninspired and fast-fashion has taken over in an ethically charged fashion debate, designers and craftsman around Latin America (particularly Colombia) have been bringing the industry back to the artistic space it’s known for with the return of true, luxury craftsmanship.

I’ve silently followed and cheered the growth of the LATAM fashion industry for years, both as an admirer and someone who has worked professionally within it.  I’ve watched the swell of momentum push Vogue Mexico and Colombiamoda to relevant influence that it has today and as big players like Joanna Ortiz reach the mainstream. 

As a trend researcher, I’ve noticed social, economic and political shifts and improvements in Latin America over the last five years, which have undoubtedly led to growth within the fashion industry (Like improved safety among rural regions– which allows local artisans to remain stationary and continue workings, as well as  larger international investments from MNCs to boost economy). 

All of these moving pieces have put other, smaller designers and artisans on to launching platforms and turn international eyes onto the LATAM fashion scene. 

One of these platforms comes during Fashion Month, through a well positioned popup called Latin Curated in Soho, NYC. Latin Curated serves as a showcase for South American designers to present their collections to press, buyers, and consumers (sponsored by some of the top Colombian partners like ProColombia, Avianca, and Juan Valdez, among others).

I visited the shop during its soft launch and it was beautifully curated, highlighting the beautiful artistry, color, and craftsmanship that Latin America is known for. Pieces made with the most beautiful natural materials (raw emeralds, fique, and gorgeous stitching) are blended with contemporary design and tailoring. The entire store feels like a piece of home, capturing the essence of Latin America and sharing a bit of the Magical Realism Colombia is so known for.

What’s happening in this space is exciting and inspiring! After years of a complicated social and political climate, the world is beginning to see so much more of what Latin America has to offer and its beautiful!

If you’re in the city be sure to visit Latin Curated (open til September 30) and if not, keep your eye on Latin America! Things are happening! 


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  1. Andrew says: Reply

    Do you know if the clothes are for men? I am interested in some clothing like this. I’d like to check out what the store has. Since I’m in NY do you know when the next pop up shop is

    1. admin says: Reply

      Hi Andrew! I don’t believe they have menswear, but I know in February they will be doing another pop-up in the city which will be more extensive!

      1. Andrew says: Reply

        So you haven’t made the announcement yet that you will be going to (mute). lol 🙂

        1. admin says: Reply

          Hahah! Nope not yet soon!!

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