Para Siempre Barcelona

Today weighs heavy on my heart, as I got the terribly news that my beloved Barcelona became the latest victim to terrorism. I watched in horror at the scenes of innocent people bloody, injured, tearful, and scared on the streets I used to walk and live so happily and freely on.

This year, Barcelona became my happy place. A place of wonder and excitement that taught me more life lessons during my short time there, than I had learned in 25 years. I celebrated, I danced, I laughed, I loved, I learned, and most importantly, I lived in that beautiful city—and although I’ve started a life somewhere else, my heart still lives in Barcelona, forever a part of my soul.

While I watch as the state of the world falls to shambles, I wonder how much more hate has to happen before we learn to love again. I wish that this never happened. More than that, i hope my friends will continue to roam Barna’s winding streets calmly and I wish that my beloved Barcelona, with its sun splashed walls and it’s intense beauty continues to be strong against the hatred that has plagued our world. Not just for me, but for all the people who love and call it home.

While these events remind us about the fragility of life it also serves as a reminder to continue loving and to never stop. We need it more than ever now. The more we love, the less hate stands a chance. ❤️ para siempre, Barcelona. #Barna.  

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