Surrealist Afternoons: Fundacio Miro

If you find your self living or touristing in Barcelona, do yourself a favor and spend an afternoon at the Fundacio Joan Miro and soak up some inspiration. 

The foundation was created by Miro himself to share his art and collections with the public, and ultimately inspire others through contemporary art.

Personally, I lean away from the classics and more toward the contemporary art of post 19th century— especially kinetic, surrealism, and modern art (yes, I’m a big fan of Alexander Calder), so stepping into the maze like building of the Foundacio Miro was like stepping into a surrealist dream where nothing was touchable but totally visible.

To be honest, I wasn’t profoundly familiar with Miro’s work before, only knowing his colorful, childlike paintings. As I began to explore, I started to understand his deep connection to Spanish history and Catalan history and culture (he is, of course, Catalan); as well as his honest representation of socio-political changes throughout Europe during his time. That idea alone sort of captures the essence of Barcelona: art and history colliding and weaving between each other to tell a story.

I went with my friends, but we all split off letting our imagination and interpretation of Miro’s work guide us.

We arrived after 2pm during the week, giving us a comfortable amount of time without too many tourists (note: this was in April, before tourist season is in full swing). Planning for a trip to Montjuic is fairly easy and once you’re up there, you can take advantage of the other sites. The views are amazing from the top of the foundation, so be camera ready and let yourself wander!




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