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  • To All My Friends in Barcelona.

    It’s a strange feeling saying goodbye to friends who, in just a short time, have become your new family. It’s even stranger saying goodbye when you don’t know the next time you’ll see them. Maybe you will, maybe you won’t, but they’ll forever be a part of memories woven together to tell the story of […]

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  • The Wonderful Things: Cadaques

    The Wonderful Things Life is unpredictable. It takes you on winding paths and introduces you to experiences you never knew were possible.  Sometimes those paths diverge, opinions change, and things break. Sometimes you can put the pieces back together, and other times you can’t..  Whether you seek it or not, you will enter the unknown. […]

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  • First Impressions: Barcelona

    First Impressions Barcelona I guess this should have been posted the first week I arrived, but I wanted to think on my initial thoughts for a while before those first impressions faded. I did myself a favor during this move to Spain: I went into this adventure with absolutely zero expectations (something I’ve been trying […]