The Wonderful Things: Cadaques

The Wonderful Things

Life is unpredictable. It takes you on winding paths and introduces you to experiences you never knew were possible. 

Sometimes those paths diverge, opinions change, and things break. Sometimes you can put the pieces back together, and other times you can’t.. 

Whether you seek it or not, you will enter the unknown. While you begin to navigate the new, dark unknown, you might wonder how you got there. The little things you recognize as comfortable and wonderful will give away to the new and unrecognizable. 

They’re spaces in our hearts and minds that we can’t always avoid, but that’s okay– you’re on your way somewhere great. 

When the unknown feels heavy on you, remember that soon it will begin to feel recognizable. And when in doubt, remember all the little wonderful things that brought you down this path. 

Below are some photos of an adventure I took with new and wonderful friends. We got lost, discovered something new and took it each as a part of our personal adventure. 

Cadaqués, a wonderful place that was part of my new unknown. A seaside Mediterranean town, surrounded by clear blue waters, white houses and olive trees. 

Recommendations: Museo-Casa Salvador Dali, Casa Nun for lunch, a lazy stroll through town, and nap on the beach.


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