Welcome to Andre Abroad-A Travel Blog about Life in Colombia.

I’m Andrea and this is a travel blog! If you know me, you know I used to write Red Wine and Lipstick. You also know that I am an American living abroad (in Bogota, Colombia). If you don’t know me… well, now you do!

Traveling, food, and culture have always been a part of my life, particularly in Colombia. I grew up spending summers here with my family, exploring the country and everything that makes it unique until one day I decided to call it home. Since moving to Bogota (we’ll get to “why” later on), I receive messages from friends, friends of friends, and strangers regularly asking for advice and tips for their upcoming trip to Colombia, while also sharing my adventures via Instagram. So, what better moment than now, to create this space as a guide to all things Colombia and abroad and share it? If not me, than for those looking for a little travel and life inspiration.

I realize that there a lot of places to look for information on travel and I’m not any kind of LonelyPlanet expert, but not as many that tell stories through the lens of an outsider living among the chaos; and definitely not as honest about those realities as I intend to be. I’m not going to sugar coat it for you: Colombia can be difficult, but it can also be beautiful and inspiring. Like most countries with a tumultuous and diverse history, I think there is a lot to say about Colombia through its food, music, or customs, which then helps build a clearer picture of the country as a whole. Because of that, I don’t believe in at-a-glance city or restaurant guides…I want to show you how it really is. How to enter as an outsider and leave like a local.

In between those moments of “local tourism”, I’ll also share my experience and thoughts as an expat on a weekly basis. Expat life is also difficult, and I wish someone would have told me that before. I don’t claim to know everything about it and I can’t tell you the easiest way to adjust to your new country (honestly, to this day, I still have difficult days and wonder why the eff I did this to myself)… but I think I can offer some advice on how to get through it as best as possible–if not, offer a shoulder to lean on when you start to feel unsure about the life decisions you’ve made (they were good ones! I promise!)

So, this is my new mission and I hope it helps you and offers you some entertainment (at the very least). Welcome aboard to Andre Abroad, and bon voyage!

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